Rentrée Ateliers et Morning Garderie

September 6, 2017

The Ateliers and the Morning Garderie will start next Monday 11th September.

To ensure a smooth start to the activities could you please check that:
1-  you have signed the emergency care consent form and that all your contact details are up to date on your Family Space. In case of an emergency it is vital that we are able to get in touch with you immediately.

2- you have notified us of any allergies or medical conditions that may affect your child/children during their Ateliers.

All Children from MS-CM2 will only be released to adults marked on your Family Space as authorised to pick them up.
PLEASE GO TO YOUR FAMILY SPACE BEFORE FRIDAY (8THSEPTEMBER) and write down the name of the 3 persons authorized to pick your children up (My Space- Permanent Autorization).

4-If you allow your child (in CM1 or CM2) to leave the Ateliers unaccompanied by an adult, please email your authorization to


  • If your child is not going to attend their atelier please let us know by email at as soon as possible.  (Please DO NOT email the school about Ateliers). If you cannot inform us before 12h00 on the day in question, your child will need to be picked up from Les Ateliers and the Day Book will need to be signed.
  • Ateliers on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will end at 16h30 and Ateliers on Wednesdays will end at 14h30.
  • All children will need to be collected promptly from the school’s main playground (Except for the Football club on Wednesday where the children should be collected at 3pm in South Park outside the changing rooms).
  • Out of courtesy to our team we ask that parents arrive on time and leave quickly once they have their children.
  • We also suggest that children have a snack with them and some water to help them get through the afternoon.

We hope that your children have a great time with the Ateliers this year.

Many thanks,

Stéphanie and Emmanuelle

Morning Garderie Registration

July 7, 2017

The registrations for the Morning garderie are now officially open!

Please log in to our brand new system sign your children up.

If you have already a family space with Les Ateliers, please use this email and password to log in and if you haven’t got one, please create a family space.

If you have already emailed us about the Garderie, you still need to register online. 


  • The first term for Ateliers/Garderie 2017-2018 is based on the French calendar and lasts 13 weeks from Monday 11th September 2017 to Friday 22nd December 2017 (no garderie during the holiday from Monday 23rd October until 3rd November).
  • This garderie enables you to drop your children off at school from 7h50. Children must arrive between 7h50 and 8am.
  • The garderie is managed by members of the school teaching staff. Depending on the weather, the children play either outside in the playground or indoors.
  • At 8h15, the maternelles are escorted in their class and the older children join their teacher and classmates in the playground.

**Please note** The morning garderie operates with a single price of £10/weekcharged for the whole term. The registration is valid for every day on a Use as You Need basis. This means that all who register pay for the whole term.
It is not possible to book for a specific day or set dates. Families are then free to use the service as much as they need.

Have a great summer!

Stéphanie et Emmanuelle


July 4, 2017



Registrations for the First term 2017-2018 of Ateliers will open TODAY (Tuesday 4th July) at 9pm and will stay open until Monday 30th August.

The third term runs for 13 weeks beginning on Monday 11th September (based on French calendar). Prices are £7.50 for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday sessions and £10.50 for the 1h30 long Wednesday slot.

Children on scholarship can benefit from a free atelier. Please contact us by email if you are interested.

Waiting List
We operate a Waiting List system so if you do not get a place in a certain atelier please send us an email and we will put your child on the appropriate list. If a place becomes available we will then contact you immediately.


Schedule: please note a few changes since the schedule was printed:
There will be no “Painting on Glass” on Monday, no “Etude/Homework” on Tuesday and, on Thursdays, the club “Decoration de fete” has been replaced by “Around the World” for the MS-CP.


Registration Rules

Before registrations open

  1. Ensure that your Family Space is up to date. In accordance with new school policies, you must indicate the names of authorised persons to collect your child for all levels (and not just until CP as previously). 
  2. You will not be able to register if you haven’t filled in the class level of your child for next year. 
  3.  Please remember that you are not permitted to create multiple Family Spaces.
During registrations
  1. Your registrations will automatically be confirmed and closed once we receive payment through Paypal. (Payments for the Ateliers are done exclusively through Paypal and you do not need to have a Paypal account to use the service.)
  2. PLEASE NOTE NEW In the interest of fairness, the system now operates with a one hour payment deadline. If we have not received payment within one hour your basket will be emptied.
  3.  Please remember no refund will be possible.
  4. Please note that during the busy period of the registrations, we won’t be able to answer phone calls and texts. If you wish to contact us, please send us an email and we will respond in order of arrival as promptly as possible.

The Ateliers Team
Emmanuelle and Stéphanie