Terms and Conditions

The rules which govern “Les Ateliers de Fulham”  are intended to outline to all members of the Association the basic rules needed to ensure that the Workshops can proceed calmly, pleasurably and securely.


  1. Registration is available online only, once per term for the next term, or yearly, depending on the workshops.
  2. Parents will be advised of the registration dates and the list of available workshops on this website.
  3. Registration instructions are available on “Les Ateliers de Fulham” website (www.lesateliersdefulham.co.uk).
  4. No registrations will be accepted outside of the registration period, except from families arriving at the school mid-term.   We cannot accept registrations by post.
  5. Registration for a workshop is by term or by year in which the child is registered.  Registrations for a single or partial sessions per term are not accepted.
  6. A registration will be successfully completed once the following conditions have been met: * The creation of your “My Family Space” and a profile for your child/children with all mandatory fields completed. * The registration by child and by workshop is completed
  7. All information provided on “My Family Space” will be considered correct. It is essential that we know which class your child is in. Please double check that you have provided the correct class, and class letter, when you sign up for the ateliers.
  8. Any change to the workshops is at the discretion of the organisers.
  9. All registrations are final. In order to give all children a fair chance of securing a place in an atelier, it will no longer be possible to cancel a confirmed place, or to receive a refund for any missed classes.
  10. The Association of  “Les Ateliers de Fulham” reserves the right to cancel a workshop if insufficient numbers of children have registered.  Parents will be notified in “My Family Space” and will be able to register their child/children into another workshop or request a refund.
  11. For certain workshops parents will be required to help the children get changed. All parents must volunteer twice per term. Please check the description of the workshop.

The Workshops

  1. “Les Ateliers de Fulham” are open to all students, girls and boys, from the Ecole Marie D’Orliac, from both the French and bilingual sections at Clancarty Road, and to pupils attending the Holy Cross.
  2. They will take place at the Marie D’Orliac school site in Clancarty Road, throughout the week.  Please check the weekly workshop  schedule available online.
  3. They take place throughout the week.  For more information on the workshops, please visit the weekly planning section of this website.
  4. Some workshops are limited by age and numbers of students.
  5. The cost of the workshops is available on this website.
  6. Children must respect the teachers.  Anyone not behaving properly will be warned, then excluded from the workshop.

Pick Up

  1. Children are to be collected in the playground of the French Ecole de Marie D’Orliac at Clancarty Road, by their parents or authorised adults.
  2. Please collect your children on time. Failure to do so can result in a fine of £10 per hour to be paid after the first 30 minutes. In the event of two late collections, the family will receive a warning following which the child will be excluded from the Ateliers if there is any further tardiness at pick up time.
  3. The workshops finish as follows: * 4.30 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday * 2.30  on Wednesday * .
  4. Only those authorised in the registration process will be allowed to collect the children. For logistical reasons, parents can only authorise up to four people (other than themselves) to pick up their children from the ateliers.


  1. Please notify the Organisers of  any planned absences by email .
  2. If a child cannot attend a session, no refund will be payable.
  3. To avoid disrupting a session, no one will be allowed to leave early.
  4. In the event of the workshop supervisor being absent, the parents will be informed by email when possible. A substitute supervisor will be made available. The workshop will be subject to change and no reimbursement will be offered.

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It is essential that we know which class your child is in. Please double check that you have provided the correct class, and class letter, when you sign up for the ateliers.