How do I pay if i don’t have a Paypal account ?

You don’t need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal, you can use your debit/ credit card.


My child is not attending Marie d’Orliac School or Fulham Bilingual section, can he/she attend the Ateliers ?

No, the Ateliers de Fulham are only organised for the Marie d’Orliac and Fulham Bilingual  pupils.

Does my child need insurance?

The Ateliers ask that all children have the same insurance requested by the school.
Your personal insurance might cover this, but if not the parents associations offers one through their website or

What is the Morning Garderie?

The Morning garderie is a morning club  run from 7h50 till 8h20 every school day during the school term. The garderie is BASED ON THE FRENCH CALENDAR.

Children must arrive between 7h50 and 8h00. Parents pay for the whole term and then can use the service whenever they need.

How much does it cost?

To register in the garderie you must pay for the whole term before the start of the term. The garderie cost £10 per week. The number of weeks depends each term. (between 10 and 13 weeks).

Is it possible to register for one day or one week only?

The registration for the morning Garderie is for the whole term. It is not possible to register a child for a specific day/week only.

How to register?

Please log in to our brand new system to sign your children up.

If you have already a family space with Les Ateliers, please use this email and password to log in and if you haven’t got one, please create a family space.

Who can pick up my child?

The rule for pick up time is the same as the school.

All Children  must leave with an authorised person only. To authorise someone, parents must fill the list on their Family Space or send us an email at


If you wish your child who is older to leave on their own (without an adult) please email us at to give us the authorisation.


The Ateliers and the Morning Garderie’s calendar are based on the French calendar.

Do I register my child for a term or for the whole year ?

The registrations are for the term for most ateliers. Ukulele, judo, Karate, Ballet, Guitar, Sewing and Mandarin ateliers are for the whole year.

Why are some ateliers for the whole year ?

We have been giving a lot of thought to the way the Ateliers  are run, and in particular how children can continue to develop the skills they learn. 

Continuity is essential in certain  ateliers which is why we are offering a yearly place for some of them where they might have the possibility to pass gradings (judo, capoeira etc)

Do I need to pay for the whole year for the yearly atelier in September ?

No, the ateliers where you can register your child for the whole year need to be paid for each term during the registration period.

How to contact the Ateliers team?

You can email us on


How much does it cost ?

On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday the 1 hour atelier cost £7.50 each and Wednesday’s 90 minute Atelier cost £10.50 each. Each term price is based on the number of weeks in the term.

Ateliers must be paid for during the registration period before the beginning of each term.

Why are the prices different each term ?

Prices are calculated based on the number of weeks in each term. This year 2017/18 the 1st term has 13 weeks, the 2nd term has 10 weeks and the 3rd term  has 10 weeks.

How do I pay if i don’t have a Paypal account ?

You don’t need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal, you can use your debit/ credit card.


Do I have to pay the yearly ateliers in full in September ?

No, the yearly ateliers have to be paid for three times during the year, during each termly registration period.

Can I pay for the ateliers with Childcare Vouchers ?

The Ateliers do not accept Childcare Vouchers as a way of payment.

My child is on scholarship. What should I do to get a free atelier ?

Students on scholarships are entitled to a free atelier.  Please email us at for more information.

I already have four people authorized to pick up my children, why can I not add more?

For security reasons it is not possible to have more than 4 people on your list of people authorized to pick up your children. However, if a different person will pick up your children on a specific date you can give us the name and date on your family space.

How to contact the Ateliers team if my child won’t attend his/her atelier ?

If your child won’t attend an atelier, please email us at


Can I give my child a snack?

Yes absolutely…..a quick snack will ensure they get the most out of their ateliers! Children have time to eat a snack between the end of class and the beginning of the ateliers. Also don’t forget to give your child a bottle of water, especially if they are doing sports!