Netball League Team



Open to a range of abilities, students will develop and refine the mains skills of 5-a-side Netball ie. various passes, catching, shooting and attacking and defending. They will also learn tactics and strategies for game play as well as teamwork. Once a basic understanding of netball is achieved, students will have the opportunity to take part in the Kensington & Chelsea year 5&6 Netball league. This will be held Wednesday afternoons from 4pm-5pm at St Luke's 5-a-side pitches in South Kensington. PLEASE NOTE : participation in League Matches is NOT organised by Les Ateliers. The coach will liaise directly with the parents. In English. This is a yearly atelier.


Belinda Artlett - Bilingual Sports Coach


From CE2 to CM2


Whole year. Payment during each termly registration period.

Weekly schedule

Monday 15:20-16:30


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