Garderie du matin



This service enables you to drop your children off at school from 7h50. Children must arrive between 7h50 and 8am.

The garderie is managed by members of the school teaching staff. Depending on the weather, the children play either outside in the playground or indoors. At 8h15, the maternelles are escorted in their class and the older children join their teacher and classmates in the playground.

**Please note** The morning garderie operates with a single price of £10/week, charged for the whole term. The registration is valid for every day on a Use as You Need basis. This means that all who register pay for the whole term. It is not possible to book for a specific day or set dates. Families are then free to use the service as much as they need.

The first term for Ateliers/Garderie 2017-2018 is based on the French calendar and lasts 13 weeks from Monday 11st September 2017 to Friday 22nd December 2017 (no garderie during the holiday from Monday 23rd October until 3rd November).


Les Ateliers - Morning Garderie


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