Workshop Registration

Registrations for this period are closed

First visit?  Please visit  the “How to start” section to find out what to do next.

Registering your child/children for “Les Ateliers de Fulham”

Registration is done on the worshops page and on the weekly planning page.

  1. Choose your workshop(s) Click on the button with your child’s first name.
  2. Confirm the registration At this point, the registration is definite. No further modification or cancellation is now possible online.
  3. Go back to the weekly planning or the workshops page to register other workshops for the same child or to start a registration for another child.
  4.  Have you registered all workshops for all of your children? Once you’ve closed your registration session, you won’t be able to cancel or adjust an existing registration.
  5. Payments are made exclusively by Paypal. (You don’t need a Paypal account). Once your payment has been received your registrations will automatically be closed.
  6. New: Once your registrations are closed you can now add more ateliers if you wish during the registrations. 

Online registration is now complete!

Final Confirmation

In order to successfully complete your registration, you need to:

  1. Supply all necessary information within the profile of your child/children.
  2. Payment via Paypal must be made within the hour of registration.